Does ringinuse work?

We use Polycom phones with an Asterisk 1.4 installation. Our problem is that when our employees are on the phone with a caller, the queues will still send calls to them. The Call Waiting beep is annoying, but the worst part is that our hold times are greatly increased.

I fooled around with the reg.x.lineKeys and reg.x.callsPerLineKey in the Polycom configs, but this didn’t do what we want it to. We essentially want to limit inbound calls to 1, but not outbound calls. For this reason, I can’t use “call-limit” inside sip.conf.

I also tried “ringinuse=no” in queue.conf but this didn’t work either. Does anyone know if this feature is implemented properly?

What version of specific asterisk are you running? As far as I have tested ringinuse=no works as expected. Can you paste your queues.conf file?

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Are they members or agents, If you are using members then its possible to use Local channels and then devstate to block calls when the set is in use.

Doing this allows for example a Local chanel number of 202 to allow only one call to the set but say 301 to directly call not using devstate


We’re running Asterisk

I think the problem I had was that ‘ringinuse’ only work when you’ve included ‘call-limit’ in the sip.conf file.