SOLVED: newbie: delay when ringing extension

I have 4 phones set up on the default 6xxx extensions in asterisk. They can also dial out to pstn on the sip trunk. Problem is, when one phone dials another extension there’s a delay of ten seconds before the other phone rings. I need to configure asterisk so that pressing the forth digit of a 6xxx extension makes it immediately connect and not wait any longer. And do the same with an 11 digit (UK) pstn number. I couldn’t find anything about this on google so thanks for any pointers.

You’ll need to use analogue phones. The configuration for this in SIP phones is done in the phone.

ah yes this seems to have cracked it. I’m using cisco 7940 sip phones and saw it had a dialplan.xml file which I edited and now the extension rings straight away. Thankyou for your help David.