Ring to all phones


I’ m a new user, not very familiar with this forum.
I’ve an ip-pbx Asterisk based.

I wrote an extension that make ringing my sip phone 200 when an incoming call occours on my PSTN number. How to ringing also the other phones (201, 202, 203 and so on) at the same time?


exten -> ,1,Goto(200,1)


exten -> 200,1,Dial(SIP/200)

Thanks in advance.


Or, if you don’t want your dialplan to look messy and you have a large number of extensions to dial at once, you can also create a variable like this:

GRP_Support_Tier_1 = SIP/111&SIP/112&SIP/113&SIP/114&SIP/115

; and then in your dial plan:

Works nicely, especially if you need to refer to that same group of extensions more than once in your dial plan.