[Solved!] Listen to Voicemail realtime? (Screening Calls)


I have been searching for information about a feature on our old phone system. We are now using an Asterisk based system. Please help me locate the settings, or add-on for Asterisk.

In our old system, if a call went to voicemail, the phone would offer an option to listen to the voicemail as it recorded. If as you are listening you wanted to pick up the call, you could press another button and pickup the call, interupting the voicemail recording.

Is this a feature that already exists in Asterisk, or an add-on?

I would assumed from my experience, that it would be possible to retrieve a call that had gone to voicemail, as a voicemail box is like an extension. But can you listen realtime?



I haven’t gotten a reply at all, so I figured I’d ask if my question is not clear? I don’t know how common of a feature this is, but it was incredibly useful. Has anyone ever seen a feature like this on another system? What was it called, it could help me search the internet for more information.


i’ve seen a post for this kind of functionality somwhere recently, but can’t remember where !!

basically, you throw the caller, the callee (muted) and the voicemail all into a conference call. can’t remember how it handled stopping the vm if you decide to pickup though … will go have a look now.

found it !!

voip-info.org/wiki/index.php … email+live

Thank you! This is great! I am going to send this to our systems manager. I’ll reply back with the results!

Thanks again.