Caller number


is there a way to see the “caller” number in the “called” cell phone? i’m using fromuser in sip.conf but all i can see is the “called number” in the called cell phone. i would like to see the caller number in the called cell phone, is this possible?

i tried using callerid without success…

thanks in advance,

can you explain a little clearer your scenario?

maybe you are searching for CALLERID(num) and CALLERD(name) variables?

i would like to see in the callee cell phone the caller number and/or name. i guessed i have to use callerid, but not sure how.

i tried different things and did not see the caller number in the callee cell phone. i have asterisk 1.8. do you know how to use the command callerid for this?


try something like this in your extensions.conf

exten => your_extension,1,set(callingNumber=${CALLERID(name)})
exten => your_extension,n,noop(new call from ${callingNumber}!)

hope it helps.

Have a look at his other postings, to see the context of this question, and note that he should really be asking this on the OpenBTS forum, that’s assuming he has the requisite transmitting licence.