[solved] definity integration issues

we have been in the process of testing some basic integration to our existing definity … a G3siV9

we used a t1 crossover to link the definity to an asterisk box

we have the two talking but at the cost of making any local calls from the definity that begin with a 3 …

here is snippet of an email i sent to the team working on this:
[color=brown]the sequence to get to the tie prevents us from dialing any local number that begins with 3… we currently dial a 9 to reach an outside line from the definity - the plan for reaching asterisks extensions was for us to dial a 3 to reach the bridge and then the extension - scott can expound on this but essentially asterisk did not like the way the definity was handing the numbers off to it … we must address this issue ( this thread may be some help, is ours set up as overlap ??
forums.digium.com/viewtopic.php? … t=definity )

when looking at the possiblities for local exchanges in our area simply chosing another sequence is not going to solve this

here is what the definity tech had to say in response …
[color=brown][i]Hello all,

Sorry, I’ve been pretty busy lately and haven’t had a chance to look into this further. Here is where we are at on the Definity side. We built a PRI in the switch that ties to the Asterisk system, all the documentation that I was given to configure this side, said to set up uniform dialing in the Definity, this would require license fee’s to turn it on. So, we set the system up to send certain dialed calls out the PRI to the Asterisk system. We tried at first to use a single digit to access the PRI, then dial the call through, however in using a PRI, the system wants to send all the info for each call out the D-channel prior to accessing a B-channel and placing the call. So I set up a route pattern that says if someone dial’s (3) or (9) followed by 3xxx, it sends the call out the PRI. That was the only way that we could effectively send calls over that circuit without paying license fees.[/i][/color]

if anyone has done this without using the UDP ( universal dial plan please contact me … enabling this feature on my definity would run over 20k

I have an ECS system here linked into my Asterisk box, and that Asterisk trunks to several other systems we have.

I found the easiest way on the Definity was to use ETA and a routing group. Basically I setup a routing group out to my Asterisk box (just a pointer literally to that Trunk group) and then ETA is set to go there.

(Change dialplan param is where that is set).

Once set if the Definity doesnt know the extension it sends it out the PRI to the Asterisk box… from there its easy.

I also made the Trunk group to Asterisk, the same COR as the main PRIs that connect to the public system so going either way is no problem.

Sorry may or may not have helped, email me on jonathan.oconnor@inoveris.com if you want to.


thanks - i will get with our definity techs and see what they make of this

setting up a trunk with the t1 crossover linked to a routing group then defined as the ETA routing patten is an excellent fix

thanks Jonathan !

btw we plan on a little wiki article with lots of details

thanks again everyone especially Jonathan !

[quote=“dolesec”]btw we plan on a little wiki article with lots of details

thanks again everyone especially Jonathan ![/quote]

Any link to a wiki yet?


not yet

but it is so simple i am not sure we need one anymore

you set up your trunk

go into the dial plan and set the ETA trunk

call someone in your dialplan and if it doesnt exist on the definity it routes it to asterisk

we’ve set this up the same way in asterisk which makes it seemless for anyone to call anyone no matter what system they are on

if you need anyhelp with this i would be more than happy to take a call on it or send you screen shots of the exact setup on our system

here is our published experience with this setup