Definity G3 to Asterisk 1.6 via T1 trunk

The owner of my company has asked me to move the company to VoIP without buying an entire new system. I understand why he wants to take a half step.

I run a SwitchVox Free edition at home, but everything there is all SIP and I honestly have not “got into the guts of it” nor have I set up a stand alone Asterisk before.

My situation and question to the community here is can I do this:

Definity G3:
~256 analog line ports
~32 digital line ports
9 CO trunks
3 DID trunks
1 T1 (16 channels, used for long distance)
No IP capabilities without major firmware update

If I add a T1 card (have some spares) to the unit and set up an Asterisk PBX with a T1 card, can I set up Asterisk to take the incoming call from the Definity and dial it out on a SIP provider?



Marco Bruni

From my limited understanding of these systems, I thought it was possible. But thinking and knowing are different things, thank you for the answer.

You can do that with no problem. We did some simmular setup, a G3 Avaya connected to an asterisk via an E1 (netherlands). We even have two E1 interfaces in the asterisk machine, 1 to the avaya, 1 to the public network and a sip connection to the internal users. We use asterisk as a lcr router (least cost routing).

pm me for more info

Ok I will just attch to this post instead of starting a new one as its almost the same issue…

I need to know if this is possible with the Asterisk.

Inbound call on a PRI attached to the Asterisk, auto attendant give you 2 options A or B.

Press A your call goes over a point-to-point T1 to an Altigen system

Press B your call goes to an Iwatsu switch via an outbound PRI card


The Asterisk needs to pass the caller ID info from the original inbound call to the transfered location.

The Asterisk needs to be able to act as a CO for the PRI connections between the Iwatsu and Asterisks so I can basically put in a corss over cable and have the two conected via PRI cards.

Can this be done? Anyone have anything like this working? See any pitfalls?