Asterisk to Definity dialing problem

I have a working configuration with Asterisk and our Avaya Definity G3si, but have a particular issue that is driving me crazy. On the definity, we have extensions setup that cover 2000-3299. These are directly associated with DIDs that work with no problem. On Asterisk, we have extensions 4000-5999 that are directly associated with DIDs that are passed from the Definity to Asterisk.

2000-3299 use DIDs 555-2000 through 555-3299 and are used for POTS lines on the Definity

4000-5999 use DIDs 444-4000 through 444-5999 and are used for rolling over to VoIP as time/funds permit.

The 2000-3299 extensions on the definity are setup on 8 port cards and have dedicated ports associated with each extension/station.

The 4000-5999 extensions setup on the definity have been configured as “X” ported stations, and they are routed to the ISDN trunk that integrates the Definity with my Asterisk server.

I can dial “from the outside world” via my cell phone to any 4000 through 5999 extension and, if currently configured/in use, that call will be forwarded to the Asterisk server where I have no problem connecting.

I can dial “from the VoIP side” to any established POTS extenstion (2000-3299) without any problem except for any extension starting 211.

When I pick up the handset on my VoIP Phone… Polycom 500 or 330… It will not let me finish dialing the extension…

for example, I want to dial 2111 or 2116, I get a fast busy. The Asterisk console shows the following error: :confused:

[Feb 6 00:42:43] NOTICE[12302]: chan_sip.c:13859 handle_request_invite: Call from ‘4002’ to extension ‘211’ rejected because extension not found.

I have this setup in Calling Rules for my On Campus 2000’s extensions:

comment=_2XXX,1,On campus 2000’s,standard

Whats frustrating is that I have no calling rules setup for ANY 3 digit extension and yet it will not let me dial anything past 211… :angry:

All other extensions in the 2000 range work fine… its just when I try to dial anything beginning with 211. I have tried looking everywhere to see if there is a feature or something else hidden that is using 211 as a feature code, but cannot seem to make any sense of this.

My only “work around” is to setup the extension in Calling Rules like this:

comment=_2111,1,Joe Schmoe,standard

I have to type in the number with the handset still on the phone… ie no dial tone yet… and then press dial to get the call to go to that extension on the Definity.

What am I missing in regards to 211? I need to be able to dial 2111, or anything 211x with or without a dial tone present without getting the error mentioned above.

Any suggestions?