[SOLVED] Dahdi show channels --> EMPTY CHANNELS

Hi guys!
I’m being crazy with this issues!!
I’ve installed successfully dahdi, asterisk and libpri;
When i am in the cli and i digit “dahdi show channels” it doesn’t appear any channels!!
Can anyone help me?
Thank you


If there is a misconfiguration on you dahdi configurations files, that doesn’t match with your card this could cause this issue.

How can i see if is there a misconfiguration wrong?


start checking the chan_dahdi.conf, the configuration on must match the card type. for example incorrect signaling type for FXO or FXS cards. If the Card is Digium one, you can get help directly from Digium. If is another vendor you should contact them

I solved! As you said, there was a problem with the chan_dahdi.conf file

Thank you!!