(SOLVED) - Cisco SPA3102/FreePBX Random Not Hanging Up

Over the course of a couple of weeks I have finally got the IVR and Voice Mail working well. The problem now is that randomly the system will not hang up when a user leaves a message. If they hang-up during the greeting I have it set to repeat once and then hang up. I should not have to do that if somewhere between the SPA3102, Asterisk and FreePBX it would recognize that the caller hung up.

My PSTN line is actually VoIP via AT&T U-Verse/U-Voice. I want Asterisk/FreePBX to handle my calls. When I call my PSTN number the IVR picks up and I am able to transfer to the Voice Mail boxes of the two extensions I have created. Sometimes it works great and disconnect after I hangup from my cellphone and and other times it stays connected. When I pickup the phone I hear the “fast busy” signal from AT&T but SPA3102, Asterisk and FreePBX do not recognize it. I have to go unplug the cords from the SPA3102.

Any suggestions on how to get it to recognize the hangs all the time? Except for this problem I would have a perfect setup but unfortunately it is a big problem that will cause our phone line to be down all day until we can get to it to disconnect the SPA3102.


I found the answer to this problem here: https://www.myciscocommunity.com/message/38944#38944

There is a bug with firmware 5.1.10(W) that causes the SPA3102 to not recognize the Disconnect Tone. Downgrade to 5.1.7(GW) and it will work perfectly!

I hope this saves others some trouble.