Linksys SPA942 Hangup Detection Issues

Hello All,

I have an issue with Linksys SPA942 on *. I run a full VoIP setup (no analog or zaptel stuff), X-Lite successfully detects hangups by the other party but the Linksys SPA942 never detects it. It waits for a few seconds and goes into busy sound. I have always had to manually hang up the phone. Does anyone know what can be done to rectify this issue?

Please post your asterisk CLI output while doing hanging up.


Thanx for the response. Below is the CLI output when it happens. What happens is that on the SPA942 phone it shows “Call Ended” but the speaker button on handset remains on and goes into busy sginal for a while then stops and goes off.

  • Playing ‘MainMenu’ (language ‘en’)
    == CDR updated on SIP/MyAsteriskNumber-b783ac28
    – Executing Goto(“SIP/MyAsteriskNumber-b783ac28”, “incoming-client|s|2”) in new stack
    – Goto (incoming-client,s,2)
    – Executing Set(“SIP/MyAsteriskNumber-b783ac28”, “TIMEOUT(absolute)=240”) in new stack
    – Channel will hangup at 2007-04-23 17:18:05 UTC.
    – Executing Wait(“SIP/MyAsteriskNumber-b783ac28”, “1”) in new stack
    – Executing SetMusicOnHold(“SIP/MyAsteriskNumber-b783ac28”, “default”) in new stack
    – Executing BackGround(“SIP/MyAsteriskNumber-b783ac28”, “please-enter-your-partys-ext”) in new stack
    – Playing ‘please-enter-your-partys-ext’ (language ‘en’)
    == CDR updated on SIP/MyAsteriskNumber-b783ac28
    – Executing Dial(“SIP/MyAsteriskNumber-b783ac28”, “SIP/1001|30”) in new stack
    – Called 1001
    – SIP/1001-0981f708 is ringing
    – SIP/1001-0981f708 answered SIP/MyAsteriskNumber-b783ac28
    – Attempting native bridge of SIP/MyAsteriskNumber-b783ac28 and SIP/1001-0981f708 – Registered SIP ‘1008’ at port 5060 expires 180
    – Saved useragent “Linksys/SPA942-5.1.5” for peer 1008
    == Spawn extension (incoming-client, 1001, 1) exited non-zero on ‘SIP/MyAsteriskNumber-b783ac28’
    – Got SIP response 481 “Call/Transaction Does Not Exist” back from

Can you please post your asterisk Cli when you are using with X-Lite.


It has nothing to do with the CLI, or config files, the SPA 942 even with the latest firmware 5.15.5a doesn’t “hangup” automaticaly.

Here how to fix this, nn the Regional Tab :

Replace <Reorder_Tone> 480@-19,620@-19;10(.25/.25/1+2) </Reorder_Tone>
By <Reorder_Tone> 480@-19,620@-19;0(.25/.25/1+2) </Reorder_Tone>


<Reorder_Delay> 5 </Reorder_Delay>
by <Reorder_Delay> 0 </Reorder_Delay>

The phone will then hangup automaticaly