Help me, please!

Hi all,
I setup an asterisk system and it work ok. But, i have a problem.
If i call from ip phone (firefly) to pstn phone and pstn phone hangup fist, my phone line will always busy. It will idle if i hangup from ip phone.
Please help me …

so if i understand you correctly
you have a POTS analog line that goes to a card in your * server (x100 clone / TDM4xx / A200xx)
If you are talking, and you disconnect the call from your soft phone, it hangs up correctly. On the other hand, if the remote caller hangs up, and you do not on the soft phone, the line stays open.

This has to do with disconnect supervision. Make sure that hanguponpolarityreversal=yes (I think thats the one) in zapata.conf. Also make sure the signalling (for your fxo card) is FXS_KS (kewlstart).

If that does not work- test the line: Get a standard, analog phone with a backlit keypad (one that is powered off the line and does not use a battery or power plug). Plug it in, make a call. When the other end hangs up, check if the keypad light goes out for a second. If not, your telco is not providing disconnect supervision. Call them and request this.

Hope that helps!