I could use some assistance in setting up my Asterisk server with I’m able to make calls and I’m able to receive calls. But the caller told me he could not hear the welcome message. And I was only able to receive the call when I opened my firewall up to allow all to any.

I have used other VOIP providers in the past and this server worked fine. And my firewall (IPFW on FreeBSD) is currently set to allow UDP ports 5059-5083.

So I was hoping someone else is using with Asterisk and could offer some advice.

Asterisk uses udp port 5060 for sip signaling (sip.conf) and udp ports 10000-20000 for rtp audio streams (rtp.conf), default configuration settings.


Marco Bruni

Thanks for your reply. On my router I have ports 5060-5082 open and these are being forwarded to my asterisk server. I also have opened ports 8000-20000 and these are also being forwarded to my asterisk server. I did not get to conduct any additional tests on this and will not be able to until tomorrow. Will post results then. Thanks.

OK, my firewall and natd are set to allow ports 7999-20001. But today while testing I see this in my security log

Deny UDP out via rl0

I don’t understand this exactly. The packet seems to be coming in on my_ip_ad_res:18946

which my rules allow.

But then it seems to be going to port 24608 which my rules do not allow. And according to the docs, SIP only uses ports 8000-20000.

[quote]Deny UDP out via rl0

I don’t understand this exactly. The packet seems to be coming in on my_ip_ad_res:18946

which my rules allow. [/quote]

Have you configured the firewall to allow UDP or TCP traffic (it’s denying a UDP packet, which should be allowed to let RTP through)?

SIP by default uses port 5060. Media packets are sent using RTP. As you have already been told, Asterisk uses ports 10000 to 20000 by default, so unless you change this, you should set your firewall to allow incoming UDP in this range and direct them to your Asterisk installation.

I think we figured this one out. uses servers all over the place to route the calls. And some of their providers use UDP ports way outside of the normal range for *. At least that’s what the tech at told me.

This is a real bitch because I had to open up UDP ports from 1024-65535. Makes me kind of uneasy but what can one do. I don’t know of anyway to convice to change their practice.

Does anyone else have experience with What were you’re requirements to get the system working?

No, Asterisk will determine which port is to be used for incoming traffic, for which you have to open the firewall, and which will be in the range specified in rtp.conf. It doesn’t matter for the outgoing traffic, since your firewall is, presumably, set to allow outgoing udp traffic on any port. See for a better explanation of how the ports are determined.

The firewall log trace looks like he does have blocks on outbound UDP!

You’re right! It’s not surprising that he’s having problems then.