[solved] Asterisk not acknowledging context


rebuild corrupted files in /etc/asterisk with “make samples”

When reloading the software, contexts included located in within the file don’t seem to appear.

Probable Reason: /etc/asterisk/ was from a crashed then rebuilt drive, where there was significant data loss.

Workaround, added includes to extensions.conf

edit: sorry! I had the flu and was on cold meds, my verbiage was incoherent

And you post NO example of code, no version and no debug of a asterisk starting…

[quote=“cuban_cigar”]I’m at the end of my rope and very displeased.
Someone or somthing must still be made to pay dearly for the refusal of the system to see the included file however, this is not over.[/quote]

Sometimes you just make me laugh :smile:

Thanks, lol. I tryed to provide some humor.

But it’s important to have a useful guide for others with the same issue, so I format in on the issue closing.