<Solved> Asterisk 1.4.44 installation issues


I am installing Asterisk 1.4.44 and I am having below queries. can any one clarify me?

  1. Unlike while installing Asterisk 11.4, it didn’t ask me for the sounds tar.gz files under sounds directory. Asterisk 1.4.44 won’t need this files?
    I saw the makefile under sounds, it has reference to all the sounds tar.gz files, still the isntallation didn’t fail?

  2. make install-logrotate is not working, please let me know how do I manage logrotating feature in this.


Why are you trying to install an obsolete version?

Sound files are automatically downloaded, depending on what you selected in make menuconfig, when you do make install. They will only be fetched once.

You will need to read man logrotate and configure it yourself. The files installed by version 11 may give a clue.

I have to setup Vicdial, vicidial is compatible with till Asterisk 1.4, hence going for asterisk 1.4

That system where I am installing is not having internet connection, it cannot download anything.
But I am not getting why installation was successful. In the ssounds directory only two tar.gz files were which came with asterisk tar.

Asterisk won’t download sound files if they are already present. However, I thought they had stopped distributing them with the tarballs after they got had to withdraw the music files, after a licensing misunderstanding. If you want other formats, or languages, you will still have to select them and they will download.

If you are offline, you need to look at the makefiles an work out which files you need to pre-load.

Also, if vicidial are insisting on an unsupported version, wouldn’t it be best to get support from them.

Yes. I am thinking of that as another option to set up the system with Asterisk 11.4. But as it takes some time, I am thinking of setting up the system with ASterisk 1.4.

By looking at the Makefile under sounds, it looks to me that it will go ahead with installation if any one sound tar.gz file is present. How do I check it it really installed these?

In that directory, it had only asterisk-core-sounds-en-gsm-1.4.20.tar.gz, asterisk-moh-opsounds-wav-2.0.3,tar.gz files.

Is it really required to install all the sounds tar.gz files?
If yes then I will uninstall aterisk and install it again by placing all the sounds tar.gz files.

At present I don’t have access to the system where I installed Asterisk 11.4, I found the below url for setting logrotate. Can I follow this?

asteriskdocs.org/en/2nd_Edit … ECT-3.html

Normally you need one language and file format for the announcements. I’m not sure if you need the additional ones. You normally need one format for the music on hold.

Adding extra formats can reduce the CPU load.

Thansk David. I installed with only
asterisk-core-sounds-en-gsm-1.4.20.tar.gz, asterisk-moh-opsounds-wav-2.0.3,tar.gz in teh sounds directory. After installation I didn’t have problems related to this.