Softphone W/ Record

I’m currently using X-Lite & asterisk and it seem to be working GREAT, however I would like to have “record” abilities, does any one know of a FREE softphone or even pay if I have to pay for it softphone which supports call recording?


You don’t need a softphone with a recording facility, Asterisk can record calls.

This is the way i do it in my extensions.conf :

; call recording exten => _*00.,1,Monitor(wav,call_recording,m) exten => _*00.,2,Goto(${EXTEN:3},1)

To record a call - so long as i’m the calling party - i just have to dial *00 before the number i’m calling.

I guess I won’t always know when I want to record the call… like lets say some telemarketing company calls me for the 10th time, and I want to record it, I want to press a key sequence to start recording… or press a record button on my softphone…

Yeah - you probably don’t want to have to call them back just to record the call! :wink:

I’ve tried quite a few different softphones over the last year or so, but never come across one that had a built in recording capability.

The only thing i’ve found that will do the job you require is Linphone (only under Linux though). However, it’s not a particularly simple to set up the recording part of it.

Linphone is able to use Jack (Jack Audio Connection Kit - a sound server that allows you to connect audio channels of different applications together). You can set up jack and run linphone configured to use it and then when you decide you want to record a call you can “plug in” a recorder app - or keep it plugged in all the time and start it when you want to record.

It’s not too difficult when you know what you’re doing, but there is a bit to learn about this stuff. The place to start is:

Have u tried XTEN-Eyebeam Audio only softfone.