Call Center - Playback Recording and Softphone


I have a call center to setup and I’m wondering which softphone do you recommand ? Their PCs are not brand new. I was wondering what is the best choice between xlite, sjphone or idefisk.

Also, they sometime need to playback a recording to the customers, what do you recommand to do this ?

Any kind of suggestion are welcome !

xlite. so far we haven’t had any problems with recording. One of the good thing w/ xlite is that the recording is stored in the workstation and offloading recording processing in the asterisk.

No bodies has suggestion how I could plyback the recording to the customers ?

you would probably use a application map entry in features.conf, combined with a web-based app to “line up” the recording you want to play. this has limitations in that only one party can hear the file.

another option might be to transfer both parties to a meetme room and play the recording into that.

So for the moment, there is no solution commercial or not to playback the recordings :frowning:

there might not be a defined application to do it, but the tools are there. you just need to use them in the right way. define how you see the call flow going.

do you have a commercial requirement for this ? is it worth you employing someone to do it ?