SIP or IAX Softphone with automatic recording (Windows)

We are trying to deploy softphone clients in a (cheap!) call center environment. One key feature we need is call recording. We can do this on the server side with Asterisk, but would rather implement it on the client side for resource reasons.

So I am trying to find out and compile a list of soft phone clients with built in recording functionality (automatic a must i.e. without user intervention)

Here is what I found so far

X-Lite - No recording
X-Pro - ??
eyeBeam - Supposedely has recording, but no eval copy available for download. Also the recording may be problematic according to forums on thier site

SJPhone - No recording in the public version

SIPPS - Has recording, but not automatic. User has to click on a button.

ExpressTalk - Has recording, is automatic, works good with quirks (Rings as soon as dialing, doesn’t show any digits pressed after dialing etc). Seems to have no support.

IAXPhone Beta - What can I say… still is Beta and absolutely no public information (!).

I’d appreciate any other pointers any one may have regarding softphone clinets with recording. It does not have to be free (small cost is ok).

Thanks in advnace

The only one I know of is GizmoProject but it is closed to the SIPPhone network and most likely not useful for you.