Softphone loses registration to Hard Phone


I have currently discoverd a problem with the Softphone (MicroSIP) registration from different users. The users all got a Hard- and Softphone and due to the pandemic they obviously work a lot from home.

A few minutes after the Softphone is registerd and is able to receive calls (Asterisk also shows the PCs IP) the Hardphone (Aastra 31i & 51i) registers and all incoming calls to that specific extension are going to the Hardphone. Outgoing calls from the Softphone are no problem. I only noticed this problem with Aastra phones. With the newer Yealink phones the Softphone Client stays registerd until completely closed.

Is there any solution to this, other than creating two extensions e.g. 1001s and 1001h and calling them both with exten=> 1001,1,Dial(SIP/1001s&SIP/1001h…)?

Thanks in advanced!

The chan_sip module only allows a single device to be registered to each peer. The chan_pjsip module allows multiple when configured to do so.

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