[RESOLVED] Snom 360 & WMI


Just got a couple of these phones and having trouble setting up the voicemail side of things. I have read the wiki @ voip-info.org/wiki/view/Asterisk+phone+snom but when I press the retrieve button it comes up “VoiceMail Not Found” on the phone.

Here is my sip.conf :-

[1001] type=friend secret=<password> dtmfmode=rfc2833 qualify=yes nat=no host=dynamic calledit="UxBoD" <1001> canreinvite=no context=private-internal mailbox=1001@voicemail

and in extensions.conf I have added :-

[private-internal] exten => 1000,1,Dial(${OFFICE},20) exten => 1000,2,VoiceMail(1000@voicemail) exten => 1000,3,Hangup() exten => 1001,1,Dial(sip/1001,20,t) exten => 1001,2,PlayBack(uxbod) exten => 1001,3,VoiceMail(1001@voicemail,s) exten => 1001,4,Hangup() exten => 1001,101,PlayBack(uxbod) exten => 1001,102,VoiceMail(1001@voicemail,s) exten => 1001,103,Hangup() exten => asterisk,1,VoiceMailMail(@voicemail) exten => asterisk,2,Hangup() include => voip-talk include => voicemail

Do I have to add something to the SIP line on the actual phone settings where it says mailbox ?


how about using VoiceMailMain(${CALLERID(num)}@voicemail) instead ?

Okay I have created the extensions :-

[voicemail] exten => asterisk,1,VoiceMailMail(${CALLERID(num)}@voicemail) exten => asterisk,2,Hangup() exten => 2000,1,VoicemailMain(${CALLERID(num)}@voicemail) exten => 2000,2,Hangup()

and if I dial 2000 it works fine ie. asks me for my password. But if I press the “Retrieve” key on the phone it just says “VoiceMail Not Found”.

Doh! Helps if you put in the correct command ! thanks BB.

is that a typo => VoiceMailMail ??

All working now. Many thanks :smile: