Chan_dongle with RasPBX (Asterisk + FreePBX) errors

Hi guys

I’m trying to use a Huawei K3520 with RasPBX and can’t get to send SMS’s with it?

The output of dongle sms dongle0 <phone#> test is:

[dongle0] SMS queued for send with id 0xb3b111e0

[2021-01-14 10:30:56] ERROR[25027]: at_response.c:500 at_response_error: [dongle0] Error sending SMS message 0xb3b111e0

Any idea what’s wrong with it?


I have just checked my dongle huawei e1550. The same error.

By the way, I also have problem with outbound calls ( Using chan_dongle causes notices about lost frames and sound issues ).

Did you try to downgrade to Asterisk13? I’m not sure because not use chan_dongle often, but it seems everything worked for me before upgrading

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