SMS Channel Stuck


I see the below:

asterisk*CLI> core show channels verbose
Channel              Context              Extension        Prio State   Application  Data                      CallerID        Duration Accountcode PeerAccount BridgeID
Message/ast_msg_queu messages             h                   2 Up      Hangup       (Empty)                                   635:28:3

I came across the below topic:

My question is, why is it stuck at hangup() VS any other portion of the dialplan? And if someone can please explain why this channel needs to active at all times? Meaning: Isn’t SMS in Asterisk like a regular SIP call where you call a dialplan to send the message? If so, then why can’t we handle that like a regular call?

Many thanks

It calls dialplan, but because messages are quick it uses a single channel to handle them and to stop threads from starting/stopping for each and every message it uses the same one. Is there an actual problem you’re encountering?

There is one known issue bound to this. CLI command “core restart when convenient” is never launched, because one channel is up forever.

Is there an issue filed for that?

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