Stuck or Non Active calls in Asterisk 16.5

I am using Asterisk 16.5 and it is about stuck calls so what I observed when I run the show core channels there is so many calls stucked from last 2 days or last 5 hour infact there is not running calls actually then I hangup the channel by running command on CLI it displays the below one channel’s detail means the other channel hanged up when we executed the hangup in a dialplan.

– Channel SIP/ left ‘simple_bridge’ basic-bridge <9a145f84-7696-4c56-b828-5a7982f82075>
== Spawn extension (Diversion, 1234567890, 5) exited non-zero on ‘SIP/’
– Channel SIP/ABC-558-0000d111 left ‘simple_bridge’ basic-bridge <9a145f84-7696-4c56-b828-5a7982f82075>
== MixMonitor close filestream (mixed)
== End MixMonitor Recording SIP/
[Aug 26 04:50:48] WARNING[2073]: chan_sip.c:32086 build_peer: Qualify is incompatible with dynamic uncached realtime. Please either turn rtcachefriends on or turn qualify off on peer ‘ABC-558’

Why are the channels not hanging up, is it a bug or some misconfiguration? can someone shed some light on this?

You have provided no evidence showing channels as stuck, so any answer would have to be a wild guess.

Hi @david551,

Below is the core show channels data where one call is stuck from last 4 hrs

SIP/ABC-1001-000238d8!Default!!1!Up!AppDial!(Outgoing Line)!1234567890!1001-OUTCALL!1001-OUTCALL!3!16565!dff553b2-739e-423e-a1df-f6a4d75c662a!1567124826.237553

Please let me know what else data I can present here.

Assuming that Diversion 5 is Dial and that you also got exited non-zero reports on the non-outgoing channels in your show channels output, it could be a bug,.

However, I would fix the warning first and you should note that chan_sip id deprecated and only has community support, so the chances of any bug being fixed are quite low, especially givn that any bug has presumably existed for a long time.

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Ok Thanks @david551 for letting me know…so I will try to convert this to pjsip and hope this will not occur…

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