Answering machine using Asterisk on small linux box

I’m keen to set up a small, say book-sized, linux box, preferably with flash memory instead of a disk, as an answering machine.

This would ideally be for both a BT landline (I’m based in the UK) and VoIP, with also perhaps wireless extensions within my apartment.

As a software developer the software aspect, setting up Asterisk or even writing kernel drivers and suchlike if necessary, holds no terrors for me. But the hardware side, with its bewildering and baffling assortment of weird acronyms does!

I gather Asterisk can be used for this, even if some might consider that slight overkill, hence my posting here. But can anyone recommend a decent set of hardware, i.e. the box itself and any boards needed with it, or somewhere (on this forum or elsewhere) I can find comprehensive and above all up-to-date info? Most of the pages I have found are woefully out of date.

Money is no object, up to a point (say £300 or thereabouts), as I am partly doing this as a hobbyist sort of project to beef up my skills in this area. Also, in keeping with the use of Asterisk, I’d very much prefer overkill in the hardware (within reason) than underkill :smiley: … ed+systems will help you .