Slow start - Asterisk is taking too longto finish loading


Asterisk is taking a lot of time to finish loading completely when started, about 40 sec or so. I noticed it after trying to see if the peers are registered after I started it, but the sip command wasn’t recognized (chan_sip still loading, I guess) until a few seconds later, when I tried again.

The weird thing is that I have another box with about the same load and this does not happen.

How can I find the culprit?

asterisk version: 1.8.15

You probably have a broken DNS configuration and it is timing out waiting for a reverse resolution of its own address.

That would be weird since I don’t use dns names on my configuration. Which module could be wainting DNS resolution during load?


Look at the logs.

Weirdly enough the problem was the lack of DNS. The weird part is that I only use IP adresses.

Anywan, problem solved!