Delay responsse to invite messages from Astrisk

Asterisk server is taking a long time to respond to invites, usually 6-9 seconds. This is happening at random times, usually after a week or so.

Sngrep screenshot example with delayed response

Sngrep screenshot example with normal behavior.

After restarting Asterisk, all communications returned to normal. Any ideas why this might have happened?

DNS and STUN are the routine causes of such a thing. You haven’t provided any Asterisk side logging such as console output or stated the version in use, so that’s the extent of what anyone can say.

We are ussing Asterisk 18.9.0. No STUN configured. About DNS, it’s a local asterisk server, the problem is the communication between users and asterisk server, Is DNS needed for local communication too?

Console output:

I cannot upload files because I`m a new user.

DNS is used for various things. I see you’re using chan_sip, I’m going to bow out of this thread and someone else may chime in. I’ve done my time with chan_sip.

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