Slow down asterisk console

I work for a very busy telecoms company and trying to look at the asterisk console to debug, but everything scrolls past took quickly.

Is there a way to slow this down? I tried verbose levels “asterisk -rv” but it doesn’t make any difference.

I really want to debug one phone extension or queue, how do I do this?


You cant “slow down” the verbose output since the verbose is based on activity. You need to parse the full log or use asterisk -rvv | grep something.

using the full log is quite easy you can search for the phone number or peer then get the number within brackets and grep for that number.

I forgot about grepping it thanks a lot

I forgot about grepping it thanks

When I’m attempting to debug something I usually use two terminals.

The first I’ll run asterisk -r | tee asterisk.log

This creates a file named asterisk.log with the output of the console.

Then I can run it through the tool of my choice to view the log.

tail -f console.log |

A Handy tool for this is ‘slowcat’ available here

Or you could pipe it to more/less or even grep if you know specifically what you are looking for.

Using the log files is usually better than using the console output, as they contain time stamps.