Skype with Asterisk 1.8.7

Hello Asterisk friends, i haven a concern about Skype , does Asterisk 1.8.7 suports skype integration with skype bussines or manager, what we want to do is to set a Skype account to receive calls from skype to our telephone line using Asterisk, i know the steps to set up skype in SIP PBX but we need to be sure that Asterisk 1.8.7 supports skype integration so we can sign for channels for incoming calls, thanks all

Microsoft have withdrawn permission for Asterisk to use Skype.

If Skype supports integration via SIP, you should be able to connect to Asterisk (Asterisk supports SIP :laughing: ).

You say that you know how to set up skype in SIP PBX. How do you go about doing that?