Sizing asterisk server


don’t know how to correctly size an Asterisk server to support up to five simultaneous voip calls and connect to a mysql database with 100.000 records to insert and or update data…

The normal answer is that this question is impossible to answer without a lot more information, and even then you are only likely to get anecdotal information.

However, in this case, I think you can safely say that the requirement is so small that it will be almost impossible to source a machine that won’t cope.

I just tested a NUC (little pc) with an i5, 8GB RAM, and a SSD using SIPp. I ran 300 simultaneous calls. Each played the ‘demo-congrats’ message. I made a call SIP-SIP while it was running, and the call was crystal clear. The cpu barely reached 50% (on only 1 out of 4 cores - so 12.5% cpu utilization). I did need to increase the ulimit of the number of open files, but it didn’t seem to have any trouble after that.

I have two failover i3’s with 6GB RAM I’m planning on deploying to one of our facilities that has over 60 phones.