Asterisk Sizing


I need to size our asterisk server for a future deployment. How can i find a office hardware sizing requirement for asterisk.

I need to find 100 and 200 simultaneous call support hardware resource sizing for CPU, RAM and hard disk.

Any clue is appericiated.


Hard disk 2GB, or maybe less, unless doing recording or voicemail.

You won’t get reliable figures for the other information on the information you have given. The best you can expect is specific configurations and the specification of a machine that is at least capable of supporting them, e.g. a lot of direct media with no audio playback will push the CPU load down and a lot of transcoding to low bit rate codecs will push it up.

The channel technology will also make a difference.

Very difficult to give an exact answer.
I think you need something with 4 cores and 8 Gb of memory.

But we don’t know what codecs you will use (g729 and g711 load CPU in a different way) , how your dialplan looks like, especially if you use AGI, which executes some scripts each time the call enters the context.

My gut feeling is that 8Gb would be sufficient, but 8GB would be overkill. I rather suspect you meant the latter quantity.

Yes, I meant ‘GB’, thank you.
Case matters :smile: