Sipsimple messaging


i have some softclients (Csipsimple and draytek softphone) wich support messaging
they told me it use the sipsimple protecol

is it posible to let this work with asterisk

i have asterisk 1.8
freepbx 2.10


Asterisk 10 has some support for out-of-call messaging - more information here: … rev=309634

no idea if that’s happy with CSIPSimple.


as far as i know i have a recent version of asterisk using

what about asterisk 10?

are we skipping some steps and wil the next update be asterisk 10?

No, 10’s a separate branch. It’s the next major version after 1.8. See: … terisk-10/

so the solution wil be
sit down
take a cup of coffee
and wait till the next release

i think i can handle that :wink:

It was released some months ago. There are two active releases branches. 1.8 will be maintained for some time. 10 is more advanced, but will have a relatively short maintenance life.