Asterisk without SIP?

…would be like Christmas without snow?

But seriously (OK, only a little bit serious, it’s late), I’ve just set up a new box in anticipation of soon receiving my SPA-3000 in the next few days. I went for the 1.8 “current” download, followed the 1.8 documentation at … umentation and all seemed ok… until I tried to get the first phone registered.

Now, this isn’t my first exposure to Asterisk, I’m not a total noob. But either things have changed horribly since my last attempt, or I broke something. The phone in question is a LinkSys SPA922, and has happily chatted to Asterisk last time around. The server can ping the phone. They’re on the same subnet. There’s no router between them.

Setting verbosity to 9 in the console and hard-restarting the phone shows me… nothing.

hmm… I know how to start figuring that out…

“sip show channels”

… errr… it doesn’t know what SIP is?

What did I get wrong here, folks?

What does:

“module show like sip”


Whoops sorry, ignore me! Next morning all is well. This is a freshly installed Asterix on a virgin Linux box, and I think it was maybe still shaking out it’s feathers. A system update and a reboot made all the difference.