SIPP testing Asterisk ARI

Good day, I am trying to test my Asterisk ARI application and how many concurrent calls it can handle using the SIPP testing tool. I am facing a problem with channels not closing during the test when I start the SIPP test by running this command

sudo ./sipp -sn uac -d 20000 -s 44444 {192.168.asterisk server IP} -l 100 -r 10 -trace_err -error_file sipperror

, I have noticed this by typing in the asterisk CLI the command “core show channels” and as you can see, it is creating these channels and then the rest of the SIPP calls failing due to maximum numbers of channels opened in asterisk side I assume.

I think I have something missing, as mentioned in the SIPP documentation there should be a user agent client and a user agent server. Therefore, I assume that I should have another terminal command to run this SIPP command in order to accept these calls. I tried opening another terminal command and type in this command to start the SIPP user agent sever but then my asterisk CLI starts spamming this error. (Please let me know what I am doing wrong)

sudo ./sipp –sn uas {192.168.asterisk server IP} -trace_err -error_file sipperror

Second Question; Please I need to know what the difference when using different Scenario XML files is, Let us say I have multiple handlers for my ARI application so I use it sometimes for Playback audio to a channel or I may use the application for missed calls only. My question what differs between all the scenarios available in the SIPP folder. I am currently using a default scenario for my purpose as you can see above, so why do I need to use a custom scenario then.

P.S.: I am running SIPP and Asterisk in the same machine and on my Linux Ubuntu workstation

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