sipml5->asterisk->xlite = no audio

Hi, i’am trying to repeat manual from page.
All logs and configs in Doubango discussion, but last answer from developer - “As Asterisk team now claim full support for WebRTC you should ask on their forum and try an unpatched version.” … zqtoB0GKC4

I have installed 11.4 Asterisk, and now i can call from Xlite to sipml5, but from sipml5->xlite - no audio.

Thanks in any advice,

Today tried with ubuntu server last. The same result.


The easiest way is using the webrtc2sip media gateway so your setup look like sipml5—>webrtc2sip—>asterisk–>xlite.

Your logs an version doesn’t show much and switching between sites makes hard to help.

Just now i’v reached voice in both directions by installing Asterisk (last, not patched) and sipml5 in VPS, located in internet.

Have one idea - in local network, one of them can’t access to ICE servers.