Sipgate -inbound/outbound setup howto ,,,please

Hello List,

Just trying to get a outbound/inbound calling plans setup.
Could someone be kind enough to give me a 1,2,3, how to setup an inbound as well as an outbound calling rule? I don’t understand at all how this would work with an UK phone number? I’m in US.? I have my asterisknow machine registered fine to
I m not even close to getting a call coming in?

say my userid = 1234567
phone#=12345678912 :#this number i was given is 11 digits?( at signup)

I’ve read about a zillion posts on sipgate setup,but no #'s were provided to try and decypher anything?
Main problem I don’t know what I should enter in asterisk-gui to use for the phone number to ring in ( dial plan),the dial plan(s)?
BTW: I have been successful with setting up inbound calls from ipcomms( with US phone number).

Thanks for any insight,