SIP Trunk

We have an account with and recently purchased an additional virtual line (GVLine) so that we can accept two (2) simultaneous calls at the same time.

However, in my test calls, I have noticed that it only accepts one call at a time thus giving me a busy tone on my second call to the same number. Tried to ask for support from Gafachi but was not able to get and informed me instead that the GVLine we have just purchased is already active and should work fine if I had setup my asterisk correctly.

What should I do to correct this problem?


I am sure that if you purchased a “virtual line” it is only pointing at some IP or number it is NOT a Channel in itself.

So whatever number you are pointing it to would need to be able to handle more than a single call…

You should have purchased a better main account or added channels to the one you have.