Sip trunk registration script


I hope sombody can help me?

I am new to Asterisk and have just downloaded and installed the latest version of AsteriskNow with FreePBX. I have gone through the motions of changing the default passwords and upgrading all modules.
I have configured my SIP TRUNK to my ISP. When I check the status page it shows one SIP Trunk online but none registrered. I also checked the Log and I see the error message that it can’t register the SIP TRUNK with wrong password. I also check the log at my ISP and I get the same response of wrong password.

I have checked my password in the SIP TRUNK configuration page and it is correct. I also checked the registration str and it is according example.

I phoned my ISP but they don’t want to assist me with the correct registration str from their side.

If I setup my IP phone with the ISP it works fine, but not with FreePBX.

Can somebody please assist??

You could look at fromdomain and authuser. Once registered, you may need to look at fromuser.