[RESOLVED] Weird SIP Trunk issues


the reason for this seems to be related to the r option to provide comfort ring. removing this sorted out the problem.
hopefully this will hope other people with the same problem.

Hi There
I’m having some weird issues with a SIP Trunk:

When i connect a soft phone (X-Lite) to the trunk and make some test calls it all works fine and i get the correct response back from the network.

The problem is when i connect asterisk (v to the same SIP trunk and the soft phone to asterisk and make the same calls.

If i dial an engaged land line i get a ringing tone.
If i dial a wrong number on a land line with either too few digits or too many digits i jsut get continuous ringing
If i dial a mobile without voicemail turned on and don’t answer it, i just get a hangup. the same if the mobile is turned off. (should be getting a network message back)

This is really driving me mad as it can’t be a problem with the trunk because the SIP phone connected directly provides the correct responses.

If anyone can offer me any advice i would be truly grateful.