Digium Gateway - As SIP Trunk

We have a Digium Gateway that our PRI is connected to. We have 4 Asterisk systems that utilize this Gateway/PRI to route calls to the appropriate system. However, our vendor just informed us they are getting out of the PRI market and we need to either switch services, or find another provider by April 1st. My question is, since we will be moving to SIP trunks, can the gateway be used to connect to those trunks, so I can still do call routing at the gateway between asterisk systems? Obviously the T1 port will not be used on the device anymore.

I guess I’m trying to figure out is, there a difference between a SIP Trunk, and a SIP Endpoint? On the gateway I have the ability to configure endpoints, which is what I have for each building connection. Is that the same thing as a SIP trunk?

This sounds like a commercial support question for Sangoma, not a peer support question on the open source software.

SIP does not have a concept of a trunk. What people call a trunk is an endpoint that supports multiple simultaneous calls and routes them individually to (normally, at least somewhat) remote destinations. However the concept is fuzzy, so one might call an end point on a voicemail server to be accessed by a trunk, one wouldn’t use the term for a phone instrument that supports multiple “lines”.

Maybe a simpler way to ask the question: Can I use a Digium Gateway to connect to a SIP provider such as Broadvoice, or similar vendor?

Yes, you can do that.
To your Digium gateway there is no difference between trunk and endpoint.

Yes, you can do that also.

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