"sip show peers" shows disconnected devices online?

I had to shutdown and move an Asterisk 11 server and Cisco SPA508G phone system last week. When I restarted everything, the phones stopped updating line status, therefore BLF stopped working. When I checked “core show hints” it showed there were way more watchers on each line than we had phones.

I unplugged all of the phones and checked “core show hints” and it still showed watchers. Then I checked “sip show peers” and it showed all of the phones “online.” I rebooted Asterisk (Ubuntu 14.04 server) and it still showed the disconnected devices “online.”

Is this normal?


You can manually clear what devices your PBX knows about by deleting the database entries for them.

This would delete everything and should reset each of your peers to the state of UNKNOWN

database deltree SIP/Registry

‘sip show subscriptions’ should report back to you which peers are subscribed to what extensions.

I would only use ‘sip show peers’ to see what phones are online, ‘core show hints’ will just show your hints, their status, and the number of watches for each hint.

Thanks. I am familiar with the difference between sip show peers and core show hints.

The peers are subscribing to the other lines just fine. The problem is: after the reboot “core show hints” shows all of the extensions as “idle” even when one is in the middle of a call. And therefore, the line keys/BLF are not showing which lines are in use.

I thought that “sip show peers” showing disconnected devices as still “online” might be a clue as to why SIP presence info is not updating.

I guess if it is normal then I will keep looking elsewhere for the problem.

Are these new calls since asterisk was restarted or calls that were ongoing that you have ‘lost’ the status of? (Assuming asterisk is only being used for call control and not media here)

If it’s ongoing calls I think its because Asterisk sets each hint to ‘idle’ when it creates it on startup.

If it’s a new call I’d expect asterisk to properly show the status of the hint.

All of the new phone calls since the Asterisk server was rebooted show “Idle.”

This Asterisk server is the proxy for all of the phones. Asterisk and phones are on same subnet.

Calls between local extensions and calls in or out of SIP trunk all show “Idle.”

Have you tried turning up your verbosity and doing a sip set debug on one of the affected phones to see if it’s sending out NOTIFY messages to your phones?