Monitor a SIP Trunk on Asterisk

Hi all,
I am trying to monitor the status of a SIP Trunk on my Asterisk. So, I created a hint like this one:
exten => linesip1,hint,SIP/linesip1



I mapped the BLF on my IP Phone, and I can see it to be linked:
*CLI>core show hints
linesip1@internalhints : SIP/linesip1 State:Idle Watchers 1

And also the needed values on sip.conf (subscribecontext=internalhints, notifyringing=yes, notifyhold=yes, limitonpeers=yes). But when the trunk is busy or ringing, the status of “line1sip” does not change, it’s alway “Idle”. The best solution is to have it blinking with incoming calls, BUSY when in use (incoming or outgoing), and IDLE when idle, but also BUSY/IDLE only is fine too.

If I can monitor the trunk, I will add a pickup function, and a dial function in the future, but I can do it by myself later.
Does someone can kindly help me with the hints problem?
Thanks, MasterLog

Hi all,
does someone can confirm me the settings are correct?
In that case, I will look for a solution without changing these settings.