SIP Registration drops calls

I have an Asterisk 1.6.1 server, and my Cisco 7960 phones are soft resetting when it re-registers with the server. And if you are on a call it drops the calls. Default is every 30 mins, but I have bumped it up to 60 mins because of this problem.

I know this isn’t supposed to be happening. I have a different 1.4.22 server that is does not have this problem.

When the phones register, they also request for 3 files from the TFTP server. SIPDefault.cnf, SIP.cnf, and RINGLIST.DAT.

I am going to be in front of the server tomorrow and am going to load up 1.4.22 and see if the problem goes away. But really need to be running 1.6.

Have spoke with Cisco and there’s something happening on the server side that isn’t getting set, or is telling the phones to soft reset.

What am I missing or not setting correctly?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I do not know about the timeout, but those 3 files are the files a cisco phone always requests from a tftp server upon reboot. sip.cnf changes any settings for that specific phone. Ringlist.dat is customized ringtones.

Unless you need to change a phone parameter, you do not need to use any of those files. You can change things from the phone itself. The tftp server is easier though; but even with that you can safely ignore the ringlist.dat. If you are not trying to change anything, you can ignore the request for those 3 files.

Thanks for the reply, but you didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know.

Just to clarify. I have two systems. One works and one does not. The one that works runs 1.4.22. The one that does not runs 1.6.1

On the working system, once the phone is booted, it registers every 30 mins without soft resetting the phone. And calls don’t get dropped.

On the non working system, the phone soft resets when it registers with the server. And in the process it downloads those 3 files again everytime. And it shouldn’t! That is what I’m saying.

I know what the files are and what purpose they serve. I’m trying to figure out why my phones are soft resetting everytime they re-register SIP with the server.