Cisco's - Lines no longer register - DHCP/Asterisk Error?

Have a couple of Cisco 7961G-GE’s configured via Elastix and a Cisco endpoint config module on FreePBX. Phones were working perfectly for about a day, then the net connection slowed. No problem, it happens. However, one of the two 7961’s suddenly decided to loose its non-standard ringtones (yet still make calls etc), the other was fine. Both phones seemed to occasionally not hangup themselves after finishing a call to voicemail or an empty park line. I decided to reset everything. The phone still lost its auxhilary options, no change there. I did a hard reset on the troublesome phone and left the other.

the phones download their configs and boot from TFTP fine, however upon loading they stay in a “Registering” loop for a long time, then go to the main screen, however the softkeys and linekeys don’t work, and there is an X over the phone symbol beside the line key. they have been leased new IP’s from DHCP and this has automatically shown up in the phone settings. I googled this issue and the main response is to disable NAT in the extensions and configs, however this was obviously already done because the phones were working fine.

Can anyone help to resolve this and get the two phones talking again, explain why one phone lost half its files randomly (hopefully not a constant likely issue blamed on Cisco’s instability with Asterisk) and the best way to reset phones if the net is down or they loose their configs again? As mentioned, soft resetting them didn’t fix the issue and hard resetting stopped them talking, so I am confused as to how to handle it best in future. Thanks! :smiley:

I use quite a few 7960s and Elastix is my GUI of choice. I know from experience (I do the TFTP files by hand) that if there is a typo in the config files it will do this. It sounds to me like its potentially a TFTP config file issue? I would verify the files are correct; I have never used the TFTP module (even thought I have looked at it) so I am not sure how it functions.

Veiryf the files are correct, maybe something changed in them? The X means that line appearance is not registered/ing.


I am registering all my extensions with an automated GUI plugin that automatically generates the .cnf files and other firmware for each extension. Even after deleting the .cnf files for each extension and re-generating them, the problem still occurred. I found that for some reason they were re-generating with the old server IP address (DHCP) in the .cnf files for each phone. changed the IP to the new server address, put the IP on static and all issues were resolved. I didn’t think the actual auto-generator would be an issue, go figure. anyway, all sorted now :smiley: