Dropped calls at set intervals

Hello Asteriskers!

I’m here at a complete loss, I’ve been running an iso install of AsteriskNOW for over a month.
We’ve been having constant dropped calls at set intervals:
15 min
30 min
60 min

It typically happens on conference calls.

A TCP dump hints at it’s our server causing the BYE.

I’ve tried rebuilding Dahdi_dummy - it appears to be getting over 99% accuracy on dahdi_test
I’ve removed all hardware modules from the modprobe.d file (it still complains about a line starting with ‘options’)
I’ve done the Session-timers=refuse in sip_custom.conf
I’ve called our trunk provider. its definitely us causing the hangup.

I’ve reinstalled 3 times, on 3 different server blades.
I’ve switched out all 20 phones
I’ve switched out PoE switches twice
I’ve tested all wiring.
I’ve swapped modems.
I’ve done line tests with the ISP.
and I’ve pulled out most of my hair.

Should a guru pass by this thread, could you please give me some ideas on how to get this thing fixed?

My favorite user quote to this point, said in a loud, angry, and frustrated tone was “The Telephone was perfected in 1931, why is this so hard?!”



You have to provide debugging traces. At the very least verbose level 3 and probably sip set debug on.

Note that this is not the AsteriskNow forum, so you need to be prepared to tweak the actual configuration files directly and work out how to do this in the GUI later.

Hey David55, Thanks for the quick reply.

In doing some more forum and tracker readings, I noticed I have and there was a bug fixed in regarding the session timers and weird issues.

Let me redirect this question.

If i download the new asterisk source and install, will it honor my existing database and .conf files?