SIP registered users and active dialog

Hi everyone,

I have to stress an Asterisk Server with SIPp with a registration scenario.
My scenario looks like :

SIPp Asterisk
401 <–
200 <–

It works. A message in the Asterisk console appears for each user, saying he is registered. However, when I type “show sip peers” it shows me the same result as “show sip users” which is not correct.

What I would like is to have e.g 2000 users in sip.conf, launch the registration of 100 users and see in “show sip peers” 100 online instead of 2000.

How can I do that?
Thank you

[EDIT] : What is the difference between what I do and adding the line register => in sip.conf?

[EDIT] sip show channels helps me to see the active dialog, which I prefer than how many users are actually registered. However the number of active dialog keep decreasing. After having registerd a user, I send periodically an OPTION message (every 20s) but it doesn’t keep the dialog active anyway.

Any idea to keep 2000 active dialog constantly?

David J. aka Valistar