Registeration of sip

My call between to sip mode is working allright but when ever iam opening my X-lite on CLI iam getting this msg

Registered SIP '2000' at port 5062 expires 1800 [Jul 11 16:15:23] NOTICE[3342]: chan_sip.c:12599 handle_response_peerpoke: Peer '2000' is now Reachable. (2ms / 2000ms)

what does this message ,means Registered SIP ‘2000’ at port 5062 expires 1800

I feel this msg shows that the number 2000 is registered but when iam giving command sip show registry
It doesnt show anything .
Can anyone explain it

Try using - sip show peers/users
There are differences in users/peers from sip.conf and from DB (in displaying)


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I just wanted to know what does this means

You succesfully registered your phone and the registration will be “valid” for 1800 seconds. After that there will be a new registation.

It is a message that every Asterisk user using sip phones is eager to see because it means that the phone is ready for use. Nothing to worry about.