Sip Proxy Question

hello all,

I have used asterisk for some time with freepbx as my ui. We now have several asterisk servers in different locations and I would like to aggregate my sip traffic to save money. Our provider offers a hosted proxy server which allows me to register virtual trunks but the price is very high monthly.

Can Asterisk do the same thing with me configuring trunks to my provider and directing inbound and accepting outbound from my remote asterisk servers? I want to make sure I can keep track of call use and would prefer to use the proxy for this if possible. Sorry for the newbie question but I found the topic confusing as some people say you can’t use Asterisk for proxy.

Thank you for your help

Asterisk can act as a tandem exchange, although not a proxy. The difference probably won’t be important to you,

This should have been asked in Asterisk Support.

Thank you,

I will read more and post in Asterisk Support next time. :smile: