Outbound proxy with asterisk

as i understood, outbound proxy server could be used as an extra security device where someone for example having an asterisk sip server of 250 local users (not through internet), wants to give his server an extra secure topology, then he can divide these users into a group of 50 users and add a proxy server for each group (5 proxy servers) then at these servers he can add firewalls and whatever. thus, if any intruder or a virus tries to overload the asterisk server, it must surpasses the outbound proxy in the first place! which means the asterisk server would still be safe no matter what!

is that right guys?

the other question is: could asterisk be configured as an outbound proxy? if not, then what are some good examples of software that can?

thanks in advance

Asterisk is not a SIP proxy. Kamailio, for example, is.

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Although I’ve no personal experience of using an outbound proxy, I don’t think the scenario you describe is typical.

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what if i have these 250 local users, and another provider has like 200 users and we reached an agreement of connecting these 2 local groups with each other.
is it right to make a direct connection through a trunk? or then what is the general use of the outbound proxy?

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