Questions Re: Grandstream GXP2000 phones

Hi Folks,

Can somebody please help me with a few points with Grandstream GXP2000 phones?

The phones are running:


The software I am running:


I have no hardware zap devices. I have one Grandstream GXW4108 eight port FXO channel bank. I have one analog phone, one of the Polycom ?boomerang? speakerphones hanging off of a Sipura SPA-2002.

Is there a complete manual for these phones anyplace? I have found bits and pieces of information about them in different places, but never one big document.

The specific questions that I have are:

How can I get the message waiting light to flash when an extension has messages waiting? Under the Account tab there is a field: SUBSCRIBE for MWI but it does not seem to do anything.

I can put the extension for VoiceMailMain in the Voice Mail UserID: field, and pressing the msg button will connect me with the VoiceMailMain. Is there a way to have it connect me directly into asking for the password for the current extensions voicemail?

Can someone give me a quick rundown as to what the different Multi Purpose Key modes are, and how they are used?

Many thanks!