Need help with sending SIP Notify messages

I found a Python script that I can use to send a notify message to reboot to a phone that is registered and it works pretty good. But I need to include the extension number in the message. I want a method to:

a. Send a provisioning URL to an registered SIp phone so it can get its setup. I will have the IP address and the Mac address of the phone from a ARP scan.

b. Reset or reboot the phone similarly to the scenario above. The phone will be basically blank or at factory default.

So is any of this doable?

Thanks for any pearls of wisdom

You would probably need to use a tool other than asterisk for this task.

Something like sipp may work.

Are you using the pjsip channel driver? If so could you use something like the PJSIPNotify AMI command? Or from the CLI using “pjsip send notify” (configurable in pjsip_notify)?

I am using A python tool I found on GitHub. I am sending check-sync so far. I don’t know how it will work with pjsip devices yet. I think I need to not use asterisk for this

Can you share with us this script?